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The only Chigo stocking dealer in Lake Havasu City. Chigo, endorsed by Jackie Chan, is an International Air Conditioner Supplier with more than 21 years experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. This System Heats & Cools.

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How do Ductless (Mini-Split) Air Conditioners Work?Like a regular central air conditioner but without the ducts.

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But can a ductless system cool a whole home, then? Good question. Yes, it can.

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Ok, but why would I want a ductless air conditioner?A mini-split ductless air conditioner can has several advantages over a traditional central AC.

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Are there any downsides?Not many.

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Chigo Mini SPlits


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • We purchased two units some 6 months ago, in our new house. Saved a ton of money with my news mini split systems. Quiet, cool and Energy efficient.

    Kina T. - 5/29/2017
  • I did a lot of research before buying this unit, and I decided to go with Chigo.

    Alicia K. - 5/9/2017
  • Good product. Cools quick . Very quiet both inside and out - especially outside. Small internal unit. Head unit looks good, compact.

    Robbins R. - 4/10/2017
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